Melanie Leung-Shea

Native English Consultant

Melanie was born in America and has lived in Hong Kong for almost 10 years. She has always had a love for words and a desire to use language to communicate and connect with others. While living in the States, she helped to administrate an ESL program and was always passionate to learn about other cultures. After moving to Hong Kong in 2012, she began teaching and tutoring English and created an organization that helped to advise Hong Kong employers and NGO’s.

One of her favorite books growing up was a book about a boy who saved his money to buy a toy sailboat. The beautifully painted illustrations of boats and water came alive for her later when her dad started a boating company and the images still stay with her today.

With her many years of experience in writing, public speaking, and consulting, Melanie works as a teacher and education consultant for Story Jungle, and our Director for Strategic Initiatives with Reach. Her teaching philosophy can be described in 3 E’s: Education through Empathy and Engagement. Melanie strives to understand each student and to make learning an enjoyable process for them.

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