Our Courses

Story Jungle’s programmes are tailor-made by experienced teachers to target Hong Kong students’ needs and help them excel in English reading, writing, grammar and speaking. We believe each English learner faces a unique set of challenges. Some learners lack innovative writing ideas, while others have difficulty applying grammar rules in their writing; certain learners lack interest in and exposure to good reading material, while others struggle with structuring their writing and presentations.

The above mentioned are very different skill sets and we have therefore designed courses that target fundamental grammar concepts, reading motivation, imaginative thinking, academic and creative writing.



Pre K-K1 Class

Pre K-K1
Play to Explore: 60 mins

This course immerses young children in an all-English environment through read-along story time and fun activities.
This class boosts children’s confidence in English and phonetic usage.

K2-K3 Class

Play to Express: 90 mins

Students will learn vocabulary, simple sentence structures, writing and presentation skills through our whole language
approach to boost their reading and writing skills.

English Express

Play to Excel: 120 mins

This course is designed to introduce new primary students to grammar, comprehension, reading and writing concepts
and skills in accordance with most Hong Kong primary school syllabi.


Reading Comprehension and Oral Presentation

3 levels: P1-2 / 3-4 / 5-6
Duration of class: 60 mins

This integrated skills course combines reading comprehension, oral, and critical thinking skills. Students will learn
how to common reading comprehension questions as well as analyse fictional and non-fictional texts effectively. They
will also practise giving oral presentations on selected texts.

Vocabulary and Idioms

4 levels : P1-2 / 3-4 / 5-6 / S1-3)
Duration of class: 60 mins

Tired of using “interesting” to describe every single thing in your speech and writing? Acquire new idioms and
expressions to express more complex and abstract ideas. Join this course to expand your English vocabulary!

Academic Reading and Writing

Duration of class: 60 mins

Students will learn reading comprehension techniques to decipher various fictional and non-fictional texts and how to
construct different formats and genres of academic writing, including essays, articles, and letters.

Creative Reading and Writing Workshop

5 levels : P1-2 / 3-4 / 5-6 / S1-2 / 3-4
Duration of class: 60 mins

This course aims to help students nurture a love for reading and writing English stories. Students read top-notch literature and learn creative writing techniques and craft their own creative stories.

Grammar Enhancement and Writing

4 levels: P1-2 / 3-4 / 5-6 / S1-2
Duration of class: 60 mins

Students learn grammar concepts through Story Jungle’s specially designed curriculum which complements the system and pace followed by most of Hong Kong’s primary schools. Lessons are interwoven with interactive reading and writing exercises.

Oral and Listening

Duration of class: 60 mins

Students will practise their oral and listening skills by presenting their views through oral interviews, debates, and
presentations. It aims to strengthen students’ vocabulary usage, pronunciation, intonation for the purpose of enhancing
their competence and confidence by communicating in English.


Duration of class: 60 mins

Students will practise the four papers in the English DSE exam: Reading, Writing, Listening and Integrated Skills, and
Speaking. Students will learn effective exam techniques and useful methods on how to score well in the exam.

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