Our Courses

Kiddo Zone programmes are tailored made by experience teachers, and divided into 3 main divisions: playgroup, kindergarten and primary school preparatory. We aim to plan activities to stimulate all senses and challenge each child physically, mentally and linguistically.



Story Cubs Playgroup

Age 8 – 15 months
Play to Explore: 60 mins

This programme serves as an introduction to a world of books, games and peers to our young learners. In each lesson, our teachers lead storytelling sessions and work with cubs and caregivers on reading, games, actions and songs and educational activities to get learners become comfortable with reading and learning.

Story Tots Playgroup

Age 16 – 24 months
Play to Express: 90 mins

This course is a progression from our Cubs programme and is designed for young learners to explore storybooks and related themes together with their caregivers. Through listening to and interacting with storybooks, playing with educational props and activities, children develop their language, sensory, social and fine motor skills.

Story Junglers Nursery

Age 2-3 years
Play to Excel: 120 mins

This course focuses on helping toddlers build autonomy and establish themselves as independent learners and book lovers. They start buidling social skills through collaborative play with their peers while being immersed in an all-English learning environment. Through this course, toddlers become prepared for independent, structured learning necessary for their kindergarten education.


Kiddo Zone Phonics

Age 2.5 – 6 years
Duration of class: 60 mins

Our programme aims to enable children with the ability to read independently through the application of phonics. Our lessons are paired with exciting games, educational props, songs and books to help students master the skill.

Kiddo Zone Kindergarten Programme

Age 3 – 6 years
Duration of class: 60 mins

Our kindergarten programmes use the whole language approach to help students develop a solid English foundation. Students learn vocabulary, sight words, basic sentence structures, and apply them in writings, presentations and fun activities.

Stories, Speak & Play

Age 2 – 6 years
Duration of class: 60 mins

The aim of this course is to help children fall in love with reading, creating and sharing stories. During each lesson, children listen to and role-play a story. They learn vocabulary, phrases and story lines and apply them to create their own books to share with their class and family.

Story Jungle Creative Reading and Writing

Age 6 years and up
Duration of class: 60 mins

This course aims to help students nurture a love for reading and writing English stories. Students read top-notch literature and learn creative writing techniques and craft their own creative stories.

Story Jungle Grammar Enhancement through Reading and Writing

Age 6 years and up
Duration of class: 60 mins

Students learn grammar concepts through Story Jungle’s specially designed curriculum which complements the system and pace followed by most of Hong Kong’s primary schools. Lessons are interwoven with interactive reading and writing exercises.

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