Vivian Chung (Principal)

Vivian Chung obtained her Masters of Art degree in Psychology in
Education from the prestigious Teachers College, Columbia University in New York, USA. Ms. Vivian specialises in teaching reading, writing and analytical skills and has worked with thousands of children in Hong Kong and the USA.

Since 2005, Ms. Vivian has been invited by various organisations including The Chinese University of Hong Kong to conduct seminars offering advice on how to improve students’ English reading and writing proficiency. She has also taught Story Jungle’s English Reading and Writing Programmes at different kindergartens, primary and secondary schools in Hong Kong, including Maryknoll Fathers’ School and Creative Primary School. Ms. Vivian has a reading and writing column in Parents Magazine providing methods on how parents can help strengthen their children’s English.

Vivian’s Work in the U.S.

◆ Focused on gifted education and child psychology, Vivian spent two years working with GATE (Gifted and Talented Education), a programme for Primary 4-6 students. Vivian facilitated small group discussions and creative projects like a drama production. This involved script writing, costume design and performing students’ works.

◆ Vivian was an Assistant Teacher in a Montessori institution for 2-6 year olds. She has incorporated into her current programmes some of the ideology that is espoused in this institution.

◆ Vivian worked with school psychologists for P1-2 students with learning disorders. This experience helped develop more effective means of transmitting information.

◆ Vivian also spent time as a Psychological Counsellor for FamiliesFirst Inc., a non-profit organisation in California. This behavioural treatment facility provided aid for emotionally disturbed children. Vivian offered counselling and implemented treatment programmes for children diagnosed with psychological and learning disorders including ADHD, OCD and dyslexia.

◆ All of these experiences have shaped the way that Vivian approaches teaching and education. They have helped mould a truly ground breaking and effective learning methodology that has benefited, and continues to benefit, students around the world.


Vivian’s Work in Hong Kong

◆ Vivian led English Classes for the Chinese University of Hong Kong’s Summer Programme for the Gifted and Talented. She followed up this experience with a published article reviewing this programme.

◆ Vivian served as the Psychological Student Counsellor for the Chinese University of Hong Kong’s School of Continuing and Professional Studies (CUSCS). She counselled and ran workshops for associate and higher diploma students.



◆ New York State Certification for Continuing Education: Certificate for Child Abuse and Maltreatment Identification, Reporting and Intervention

◆ Certified in Therapeutic and Life Space Crisis Intervention

◆ Certified in Professional Assault Response

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