The Story Jungle Creative Reading and Writing Programme (CRW)

This course is designed with the belief that reading is the gateway to ideas and inspirations, as well as the key to English success. Grounded by weekly reading to foster habit, the Story Jungle CRW enlists top-notch literature to help students fall in love with reading while expanding their vocabulary reservoir, comprehension strategies and writing techniques necessary for academic success.

Reading component:

Students learn strategies including inferencing and sequencing to analyse the plot, messages and vocabulary in our expertly selected books.

Writing component:

Students are taught to apply the strategies and language learned from reading into generating original ideas and creating their own masterpieces in writing.

How our CRW programme can help your child academically:

Hong Kong students are trained to be practical writers and produce mistake-proof writings to avoid demerits. The outcome is that their writing often has generic content and elementary language expressions. The irony is that “content” and “language” are both graded areas in schools’ marking schemes and many students fail to get good scores in these areas.

Story Jungle CRW Programme provides a safe platform for students to be creative and to take chances, as well to unlearn and relearn reading and writing through the use of stellar children’s literature from celebrated authors. When students become stronger and better readers, their love for reading and writing will blossom as well.

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