Grammar Reading and Writing Programme (GRW)

The Story Jungle GRW complements the Hong Kong school system and reinforces strategies from CRW to help students better understand grammatical functions and structures in the English language. Our grammar curriculum is designed for students to learn and apply concepts and tenses into writing and everyday English usage. In doing so, we help students strengthen their technical aspects of writing. When students learn to use grammar correctly, they significantly improve the accuracy and structure of their writing, speaking, and overall English language usage.

How our GRW programme can help your child academically:
To understand English text and produce good writing and speech, students must be equipped with the knowledge of grammatical rules and structures. This is especially true for English as a second language learners. Without knowing the basic rules, students lack understanding and opportunities to use and apply grammar accurately, hindering them academically. Although the local system devotes sufficient time on grammar drills, students are not taught how to directly link and apply learnt grammar concepts in their reading, writing and speaking. As a result, students may be able to handle specific grammar exercises, but struggle with producing grammatically correct writing and speech

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