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Confidence and independence


Strong interest in reading


Story Oriented Creativity


Establish English foundation

Professional, attentive and responsible NET teachers

Our goals are to make your children fall in love with reading and show you the fun of co-reading with them.

What our Happy Parents Say

  • 在一次偶然的機會下,在書局內買了Story Jungle出版的故事袋装書 (Ms. Vivian’s Reading Club) 回家後,Alvin很努力的閱讀那本故事書及完成那些worksheet。 我心中也覺得這樣引導小朋友完成英文故事也真是很成功!所以那個暑假Alvin便開始在Story Jungle上Creative Reading and Writing, 他很喜歡呢!他起初也有點害怕,因他未習慣閱讀那麼長的故事,但慢慢的速度加快了,理解力也强了喔!Alvin更跟Miss Sally上了私人的英文班,他的英文無論在寫作或理解,Grammar也有明顯的進步。現在Alvin更愛上了上Sally的課,也不再害怕英文!他的自信心也在Sally的幫助下加强了!– Alvin’s mum
    Alvin Shum – Joined Story Jungle in June 2016
  • We LOVE Story Jungle very much! Charmaine enjoys the lessons every week. She became confident in speaking and writing English stories with a wide variety of vocab and bold creative ideas. Learning in a positive and happy environment, no pressure. Through the strong and enthusiastic team of teachers, Charmaine’s potential is developed and cultivated. We are excited to see her growth. – Charmaine’s Mum
    Charmaine Chan Lok Ching - Joined Story Jungle in 2011
  • ‘Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think.’ – Albert Einstein.

    We truly appreciate what Miss Vivian and Miss Sally have gone through with our sons, Isaac and Eden, over these years. It is not the number of books or the pages of exercises they have done; instead, the saying explains it all! Thank you!! – Dr. Hyde and Jacklyn Kong

    Isaac and Eden Kong – Joined Story Jungle in 2010
  • Gina Lee – Joined Story Jungle in 2009     /      Gerard Lee – Joined Story Jungle in 2015

    Both my kids started their first summer camp with Story Jungle since the age of 6 or 7 and continued until today. They both like the classes and teachers here because they don’t only teach them reading and writing, they actually cultivate their interests in reading and writing. Teachers become our kids’ friends and mentors. Not only do the teachers here have high standards and professional calibre, the individual attention and guidance afforded to kids are really remarkable and impressive! – Gina and Gerard’s Mum

    Gina and Gerard
  • Story Jungle is one-of-a-kind learning centre! The one that you will remember for the rest of your life as your child will not only benefit academically, but will also be guided as a responsible person with prolific knowledge and yet retaining the creativity and innovation of your child. We are proud and thankful to be part of Story Jungle!! – Kirsten and Kristen’s mum
    Kirsten and Kristen Chan – Joined Story Jungle in 2013
  • I need to take this opportunity to show my appreciation to Miss Vivian and Miss Sally. Kate loves the class very much. She cannot wait to finish the homework after class. Sometimes, when we skip the class, she is not happy about it. I can say she is addicted to the class and Miss Sally very much! There is no reason for us to not continue with the class! Thanks Miss Sally! I highly recommend this class to anyone who does not like English! You will love it from the very beginning! – Kate and Harvey’s mum
    Kate and Harvey Chan – Joined Story Jungle in September 2017
  • Chloe has been with Story Jungle for more than three years and she enjoys all the learning and love she had received so far. Chloe has built up her self-belief and confidence in her training for speech festivals. The creative writing lessons have also improved her overall writing skills which is different from what she can learn from school. Most importantly, the relationship between Chloe and all the talented teachers are very positive and it allows Chloe to fully engage in the learning process. – Chloe’s Dad
    Chloe Shek – Joined Story Jungle in 2014
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